Beta Access to Xyroh Apps

Beta Access to Xyroh Apps

Here at Xyroh we're implementing a range of mobile and desktop apps we refer to as our 'Worst Apps' brand (hint, it's more a comment on form over function, the apps are pretty good, just the artwork is pretty (deliberately!) bad).  They're based on the Unix premise of performing one function, performing it fast, and performing  it well.

As with all our apps features are driven by demand, we like to ship fast and ship often so if you have a feature request, want to know more about the roadmap or discuss a custom build for your business then we'd love to talk, simply email [email protected] or tap up the chat box in the bottom right of the page.

We occasionally need keen Beta Testers for these apps, so we have the following apps coming up for testing, if you'd like to be considered (and not everyone is accepted, so don't take it personally!) please complete the form below.

Apps in active or upcoming Beta

Worst Server Monitor (A mobile app for online website monitoring and uptime services)

A Mobile app for online website monitoring and uptime services)

A Mobile app for Server Monitoring)

Initially on iOS and Android and optimised for Smartphones, the 'Worst' Server Monitor is a mobile interface to a variety of website uptime and server monitoring services, simply hook it up to your account and refresh and view the status of your server inventory.


Worst URL Shortener (A quick, fast link shortening app)

Initially on iOS and Android Smartphones, but in active development as Mac and Windows taskbar utilities, the 'Worst' URL Shortener is a quick, fast link shortening app allowing you to choose from a variety of url shortening services, and convert that long, cumbersome URL into something short and far easier to communicate

Beta Access Request


(If you cannot see the form above please turn off your Ad Blocker - we use Mailchimp to manage our Beta List and some Ad Blockers prevent access - else drop us an email to [email protected] - Thanks)