App Watcher – Web Site and App Monitoring with Human support

App Watcher by Xyroh - Web Site and App monitoring with human support

App Watcher – Automated monitoring with Human support

App Watcher is monthly web application support plan from Xyroh, backed up by real, independent humans. Nearly all small to medium size business use or rely on multiple web sites, ecommerce stores, and other public applications, but don’t necessarily have the skills in house to identify and diagnose the problem, and most importantly the knowledge as to where to direct your frustration and get the speediest resolution. We can do this for you.

Example issues we’ve helped diagnose frequently include;

  • Web Hosting down
  • Domain Name expired
  • SSL Certificate invalid
  • Network routing
  • The bill has not been paid!

All our App Watcher plans include;

  • 24×7 Automated monitoring with SMS alert if needed
  • Next working day diagnosis and report from a real human!
  • Uptime reports (on demand)
  • An independent, honest view with nothing to hide.
  • Month to month contract, no lengthy tie ins


£50.00 a month

  • Standard features
  • Three Applications
  • 24×7 SMS Alerts
  • Multiple Email Alerts
  • Two Alert recipients
  • Down time Reports
  • Human Support


£75.00 a month

  • Standard features
  • Five Applications
  • 24×7 SMS Alerts
  • Multiple Email Alerts
  • Three Alert recipients
  • Down time Reports
  • Human Support
  • Priority Response

App Watcher FAQ

What can you monitor?

Any Web based endpoint, your mobile app backend, a web application, website, even physical servers and appliance as long as they’re on the public internet.

Who is App watcher for

It’s geared towards small and medium businesses without a dedicated IT department in house, we’re here to monitor the web based applications you rely on, and help you identify the failure points quickly and effectively if it goes wrong.

How do we get help?

Chances are we’ll know before you do as we’ll be monitoring 24×7, but if you’re having problems just email [email protected] to create an incident

What’s the minimum term?

It’s a month to month service with no long term tie in, if you grow to the point where you no longer need our support then you’re free to cancel

More Questions? – Jump over to our knowledge base where we go into more detail, or you can get directly in touch.

More Details

Plan Details

An endpoint is a unique publicly accessible website, url, ip address or mobile application back end for example.  We will tailor the automated monitoring to suit the service involved and automate alerts to suit.

Our promise to you is that we will be in touch within 1 working day of your order, and subject to your response have the service fully up and running within 2 working days.

We operate a fair usage policy in terms of the number of incidents per annum on your plan, this is to protect the value we offer in the plans and to help support you for applications suffering significant downtime, current this policy is set at;

  • Bronze Plan - 4 Incidents per annum
  • Silver Plan - 8 Incidents per annum
  • Gold Plan - 12 Incidents per annum

For custom plans tailored to your unique needs then please don't hesitate to get in touch