HP Freightways – Tablet app for offline container management

HP Freightways Web Admin

HP Freightways was in need of an offline tablet based app to help them with their container maintenance workflow. The containers are large physical units delivered and stored in a large outdoor yard with little to no wifi or cellular signal, so the use of an app that would work offline and sync to the backend was significant.

HP Freightways Yardplan

Project Functionality includes;

  • Unlimited Sites & Users
  • Offline app for Android tablets that syncs up changes when available
  • Ability to take and view photographic records
  • Two way messaging with tablet operatives
  • Container location and workflow management
  • Full Audit and logging of containers journey
  • Full web based backend
  • Invoice generation
  • Document generation (Delivery notes etc)
  • Reporting

App Details:

Xyroh Ltd


HP Freightways




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Android based tablet app with offline sync capabilities for use in an outdoor industrial environment with web based back office