What happens when App Watcher detects downtime?

First and foremost will get an alert, most endpoints are monitored for changes every 15 minutes (SSL Cert and Domain registrations daily), which will typically go out via SMS and Email to your nominated contact(s). We can also look to build custom integrations if more appropriate to your needs. We will also be alerted internally, and that’s when the next stage kicks in.

Depending on the level of alert we will then prioritise, diagnose, and respond accordingly, typically on the next working day. Some alerts require no further response from ourselves (eg a warning that an SSL needs renewing soon) and we don’t class those as incidents. However anything involving downtime or requiring immediate action will have an incident created and we’ll be in touch with an initial diagnosis and advice on next steps to remedy.

Whilst the incident is open we will also prepare a report, typically a PDF document detailing what, and when the incident started, tests and steps taken and any further diagnostics carried out to help us identiy and communicate the problem. This report we’ll make available to you to use as a hard copy reference and/or use as evidence to your upstream suppliers to help them resolve the problem sooner, with all the initial diagnostics being done by ourselves.

Of course we will leave the incident open until successfully resolved, and will be on hand to answer any further questions or carry out any additional tests needed. We’re also more than happy for you to include your third party support teams in the incident communications, if us answering their questions directly helps a speedier resolution then we’re more than happy to do so.