Why the ‘Worst’ Apps?

Ok, I admit, calling my products the ‘Worst’ probably looks like an odd choice, what I really mean is the worst looking, but even that is just an ironic play on the look and feel.

At Xyroh I strongly believe in playing to my strengths, and I’m really good at making mobile apps, however I’m not a graphic designer, I hire them in on a case by case basis for clients based on their client’s needs, so for my own products I thought I’d have a bit of fun. So all my app artwork, icons, etc, is hand drawn on an iPad, tweaked and optimised for the app and there we go, sticking to my strengths, and actually I think it works – the ‘Worst’ app range is supposed to be a simple, functional showcase – so why get distracted with whizzy bang icons, I just want it to work, and work well!