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Salesforce is acquiring workplace chat app Slack for $27.7 billion


Salesforce is acquiring workplace chat app Slack for $27.7 billion – The Verge:

Cloud computing giant Salesforce is acquiring workplace chat app Slack, the two companies announced on Tuesday. … Salesforce is paying $27.7 billion for Slack

As someone who love’s, and lives in Slack all day this makes me nervous, on one hand this could be the backing and pressure release Slack needs to keep innovating, compete with Teams (and drive them), or it could be another of those Big Co. kills successful startup – please don’t break this.

Microsoft patents tech to see if you’re paying attention in that Teams call!

From Microsoft patents tech to score meetings using body language, facial expressions, other data – GeekWire:

The system uses cameras, sensors, and software tools to determine, for example, “how much a participant contributes to a meeting vs performing other tasks (e.g., texting, checking email, browsing the Internet).”

From now on I think I’m going Camera’s off

Remind me of this next time I’m tempted that a 16GB M1 Device will be ‘enough’

Need more Ram!

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Buy Local Tees Valley – Support local business this Christmas

From: Buy Local Tees Valley:

Shop local and online this Christmas with our online guide to businesses across Darlington, Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, Redcar & Cleveland and Stockton offering fantastic products and services for you this year.

Buy Local Tees Valley screenshot
We all know it’s difficult, and all businesses have new challenges, but I love this idea so support it if you can.

Is it ready for Apple Silicon?

From https://isapplesiliconrea…:

The simplest websites are the best, and this one basically runs a traffic light system highlighting whether commonly used apps are ready or optimised for Apple Silicon yet

So if you’re thinking of investing in the new M1 chip (or buying me one) go here first.

I thought ‘Smart’ Homes were supposed to make life easier

While smart homes can be pretty convenient, they also require a certain type of never-ending vigilance.
— Read on…

A good read, partly snark at Google for their reputation of teasing end users with products and sun setting them, but the broader compatibility and ‘what if’ scenarios that can leave your ‘smart’ home dumber than ever if you’re unlucky

Sketch is 10 years old and they have a Classic Mac flashback blog post to celebrate

Sketch — Part of your world: Why we’re proud to build a truly native Mac app:

Ten years after the first release of Sketch, a lot has changed. The design tools space has grown. Our amazing community has, too. Even macOS itself has evolved. But one thing has remained the same: our love for developing a truly native Mac app.

I use Sketch infrequently, I’m not a graphics guy, but it’s part of the tool chest for app icons and the ilk, and it works for me – but this is not about the app, or even that’s 10 years old (well done!) but just to share the genius of the Classic Mac flashback style of their blog post!

The new M1 based Apple Mac Mini as a developer machine – tempting 💰

The Apple M1 chip takes our most versatile, do-it-all desktop into another dimension. With up to 3x faster CPU performance. Up to 6x faster graphics. And our most advanced…

Like many of us work from home has become the new norm, so my (perfectly capable) primary development machine, a MacBook Pro, has become a desktop machine and rarely unplugged from the mains. So a desktop based machine may be on the cards going forward, traditionally better value, better cooling (runs faster) and better expansion.

The new M1 (Apple Silicon) based Mac Mini is probably not targeted at me, the more powerful ‘pro’ machines are a while off yet – but these (not yet validated) Geekbench scores are tempting me, 60% + performance differences in what’s effectively a middle of the road home user spec!

My current primary machine the 2018 i7 MacBook Pro vs the latest M1 powered Mac Mini

The sensible thing to do would be to hold on for the Pro chips – let’s see if I make it 🙂

Some of the best Xamarin mobile app examples out there today

Let’s look at some showcase app examples that use Xamarin.Forms.…

Those that have worked with me know I’m a big proponent of ‘best tool for the job’ and #Xamarin based solutions often fit that criteria, especially for line of business applications and simple tools – here’s a showcase of some example apps out there

Announced at WWDC, Apple are ensuring end users are far more informed about how privacy friendly (or not) individual apps are 🔐- “Apple says new ‘nutrition labels’ for app privacy will be required starting December 8”

Announced at WWDC, Apple are ensuring end users are far more informed about how privacy friendly (or not) individual apps are 🔐- “Apple says new ‘nutrition labels’ for app privacy will be required starting December 8”

November 05, 2020 at 10:23PM