Project Updates for 12/06/2020

All about the infrastructure this week, deployed a new application server and backend database into the Azure cluster we designed and managed for them, redundancy and global performance the goals 🌎
Also found time to integrate a clients website framework with a WordPress backend as a CMS πŸ“, and pushed a release to XyrohLib to integrate with Freshdesk πŸ†˜

Project Updates for 17/4

Theme for this week has been test, research, test, research but milestones include;

– A new beta release of the Arcus Dropped object inspections module for Askaris βœ…
– Proof of concept research for 1:1 Video calling in an app πŸ“²
– Added Azure based AD Authentication to a mobile App πŸ”‘
– Launched our client/community boards for project collaboration πŸ—£

Easter weekend project updates

Early weekend project catchup (thinking of staying in and doing very little πŸ€”), so this week had me;
– Triaging the upcoming release of the Askaris Dropped Object Inspection module for Arcus, huge update and years in the making – well played team πŸ‘
– Small update to XyrohLib my open source logging and reporting library for .net βœ…
– Hit some goals around an Azure offline sync mobile app for a local Freight company πŸ“²
– New product ideas around an SME focussed On Premise or Cloud based CRM productπŸ’‘

Improving WordPress Performance – Use Azure CDN

A simple, incredibly cheap, and effective way of improving WordPress performance, especially if you have a global audience, or poor performing hosting that you can’t move away from.

Once the bastion of enterprise, a CDN is now a realistically affordable, and in some scenarios free solution for many small businesses.

Support for Open Source Technologies on Microsoft Azure App Service

Source: Improving WordPress Performance – Use Azure CDN | Microsoft Azure Open Source Development Support Team Blog

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