Project Updates for 29/05

Much of this week has been spent knee deep in WebRTC and it’s specs, recreating core Zoom functionality for a specific environment is complicated! 🎥
Found time to start a quick personal (Open Source) project inspired by another though so watch this space 🤖
Oh, and mostly caught up with the accounts 🥱🧮

Project updates for 15/05

So much for more free time ⏳, a whirlwind this week;
– New Opportunity for a Moto X track booking app 📱
– Researching the infrastructure behind a remote video app for Askaris 🔬
– Scratched a few itches around old school game development, reminiscing after reading the behind the scenes of book by Jordan Mechner 📖
– Oh, and all the normal updates, fixes, panics and research

Project Updates for 17/4

Theme for this week has been test, research, test, research but milestones include;

– A new beta release of the Arcus Dropped object inspections module for Askaris ✅
– Proof of concept research for 1:1 Video calling in an app 📲
– Added Azure based AD Authentication to a mobile App 🔑
– Launched our client/community boards for project collaboration 🗣