Project Updates for 12/06/2020

All about the infrastructure this week, deployed a new application server and backend database into the Azure cluster we designed and managed for them, redundancy and global performance the goals 🌎
Also found time to integrate a clients website framework with a WordPress backend as a CMS πŸ“, and pushed a release to XyrohLib to integrate with Freshdesk πŸ†˜

XyrohLib 1.1 has been released

XyrohLib Version 1.1 has been released, the changelog is below, if you’d like to contribute to the project then head over to Github – https://github.com/Xyroh/…

[1.1.0] – 2020-06-11


  • Enabled Manual Crash Reporting to AppCenter #18
  • Added Sentry Breadcrumbs Support #16
  • Added Freshdesk Ticket creation with attachments and tags #21 #20


  • Fixed ability to create multiple Freshdesk tickets in one session

Easter weekend project updates

Early weekend project catchup (thinking of staying in and doing very little πŸ€”), so this week had me;
– Triaging the upcoming release of the Askaris Dropped Object Inspection module for Arcus, huge update and years in the making – well played team πŸ‘
– Small update to XyrohLib my open source logging and reporting library for .net βœ…
– Hit some goals around an Azure offline sync mobile app for a local Freight company πŸ“²
– New product ideas around an SME focussed On Premise or Cloud based CRM productπŸ’‘

Release 1.0 of XyrohLib,

Release 1.0 of XyrohLib, our multi platform C# interface to a number of common crash reporting and logging services;

– Log file recycles at 1MB or at a customisable int (bytes) value, eg

– Can get full log file path back from Lib