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New ‘Worst’ Apps additions, or the lack of the them ????

We started the ‘Worst’ Apps when we released the ‘Worst’ Server Monitor the idea was to release a range of small, simple, functional utilities – based on the premise of Unix command line utilities that have one, single, primary function and that’s it.

Why? Well it’s good to practise your craft, this world moves fast with lots of key app functions so having ‘done it’ already is huge, also it’s good marketing to show what you can do. So we came up with the idea of the ‘Worst’ range (a play on the simplicity of the UI and the logos, the apps are solid, honest) – except to have a range you need more than one, and we don’t yet ????. The good news is that’s down to you, we’ve been busy on client projects, and a few of the ‘Worst’ range have grown legs and become stand alone products in the back ground and in progress – so things are hapenning, just slowly.

I the mean time, though we’d share a few of the app icon ideas we came up with, see if you can guess what the app was for, and if you’re crying out for one then let us know, we’ll see if we can bump the priority.



Andy, the founder of Xyroh, is a mobile app developer, specialising in cross platform mobile apps, iphone apps, android apps, as well as web applications and desktop software for business clients across the North East – feel free to contact him to engage his services

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